McNeil & Meyers Receivables Mgmt Group, LLC
We take your bad debt out of the red and into the black

Our Rates

McNeil & Meyers believes that to be the best in the collection industry, your management staff and their employees have to believe in what you do and implement it on a daily basis. Our goal has always been to give our clients the best returns on the accounts they place for collections. We offer better or greater service than anyone else in the collections industry. A lot of the bigger agencies will say that they offer better services than smaller agencies because of their size. We beg to differ with that statement. Bigger agencies typically won't take the harder accounts, if they have no good phone number, or a company is out of business. They also will close the account if it is to hard to collect, they work off volume and will not spend the cost to work it. McNeil & Meyers will not close an account that easily. We will continue to monitor the account for ever how long it takes, because you never know when a debtors situation might improve in the future. Here at McNeil & Meyers we take the bad accounts with the good and "DO NOT INFLATE OUR RATES TO DO SO".  

McNeil & Meyers picks up where your in house collection efforts ended. "Remember" If we don’t collect, it doesn’t cost you anything!

Using McNeil & Meyers and our simple to use state of the art software is simple and easy. Whether it's placing an account for collections, monitoring accounts or just reviewing money reports, it's as simple as clinking your mouse.

  • No Contracts: You are not bound by any collection agreement that requires you to place accounts. There are no minimums number of accounts required to place and you can use us as often, or as little as you wish.
  • Contingency Based: With McNeil & Meyers, there are no hidden charges such as management cost, credit reports, or skip tracing cost.

Our Standard rates include everything! We assume the costs of Private Investigators, attorney demand letters, credit bureaus and all other fees associated with our Asset and Liability Investigations.

Commercial Rates: 18% to 50% depending on age and balance of accounts.

Accounts forwarded to an attorney for legal action are handled at 40% to 50% depending on the attorney and area where suit is filed. Rates are negotiable for larger claims. 
  • Return of Merchandise: A fee of 1/2 the normal collection agency rate will be charged for return of merchandise. EXAMPLE: If the normal rate would be at 25%, the fee for return of merchandise would be at 12.5% respectively.
  • Remitted funds are subject to return and reimbursement to PSI if the funds, at any time in the future, are deemed to be invalid, or not allowed by law, including insufficient funds checks, stop payment checks or bankruptcy filings.
  • Special collection rates are available for large placements. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Retail Rates: 35% for accounts under one year old.

Retail Rates: 40% for accounts over one year old.

Retail Rates: 50% for accounts over 2 years old, or has been with a previous collection agency.

Please keep in mind on retail accounts rates are higher due the time and cost it takes to collect on an individual versus a commercial account.

Our standard rates can be adjusted based on certain criteria:

  • Size of individual accounts
  • Age of Account
  • Volume of accounts being placed for collections

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