McNeil & Meyers Receivables Mgmt Group, LLC
We take your bad debt out of the red and into the black


McNeil & Meyers Receivables Management Group is one of the most highly respected collection agencies in the south.  We have been in business over 10 years now and have 0ver 50 years combined experience.  We have proven to be responsible, reliable, trusted and above all, respected by our clients. The following is a list of just some of the benefits you will receive when you choose McNeil & Meyers to assist you on your past-due debtor accounts.

Our Debt Recovery Service:

Online access to claims 24/7: You may check the status of your claims anytime you wish via our website. Simply enter your name and password and our system will bring up an alphabetical listing of all your accounts. You may then click on each account and actually view our database debt collection notes. Our online collection agency service allows you to check the status of your claims when it is convenient for you. Our nationwide collection agency services are integrated with the newest cutting edge technology.

Accredited recognition from the BBB:
Our reputation means everything to us and we have worked hard to prove we are the best collection agency in the business.  Our “accredited” BBB status means we have gone above and beyond the standard for integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction.  We are very proud of our BBB rating.

10-day free demand service: If the debtor pays our office or your office within 10 days of placement, we do not take a fee on the payment. We do not feel that it is right to charge full fees on a claim that we have only had 10 days. *We must be notified within 10 days that a payment has been received directly.  If we are not notified within the 10 day period, standard fees apply.

No debt collection, no fee: We only take a fee if we collect. If our debt recovery service fails, no fee. What better incentive is there for a debt collection agency to work your files. Collecting money is our bread and butter and we know that we need to collect accounts in order to profit. Our collection rates average 17% to 50% depending on several variables such as (retail or commercial account,age,volume and balance) We also offer special discounted rates for volume or for accounts over $10,000.00.

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing / Pre-Collection Services: We also offer collection outsourcing to clients that have a volume of accounts and would like to reduce the size of their in-house staff by using our firm for accounts receivable management. In a 30-day period, we make 3 contacts with your debtor. We are extremely professional and courteous with your clients and understand that you want to retain them as customers. The benefits of the outsourcing debt collection service is that it truly does work and it can save you thousands of dollars in salary expenses including vacation, benefits and taxes. Please call us for a catered cost evaluation today.

Professional skip-tracing: We the latest state of the art database. We can find almost anyone in a matter of seconds and even obtain their date of birth, social security number and other vital information that helps us to locate the debtor. We perform skip-tracing on a daily basis on collection files that are placed with our firm and the costs are not passed onto you. It is simply the cost of doing business for our firm. In order to collect effectively, skip-tracing and investigations are always necessary. We can investigate businesses as well to determine if they have lawsuits, liens, judgments and/or UCC filings.

Bank Account Searches:  We have sources available to perform bank account searches on judgment accounts.  These costs are not covered by our services and it would be at your discretion if you wish to pay to have a bank search performed.  We have collected many judgments effectively in this manner.

Attorney forwarding: If the debtor continues to ignore all our collection efforts, the claim is forwarded to our attorney in the debtor’s area. This is effective since the attorney is right in the debtor’s “backyard”. All our attorneys are members of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and are fully licensed and bonded. We have had experience with these attorneys for over 8 years and know which attorneys are the absolute best for a given situation.

Proven Record of Performance: We have one of the highest collection ratios in the country. Experience and longevity really do matter and it is why we are so successful!

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